Breakfast Hits with Antonio

Antonio’s is a household name for the Tagaytay going public. For one, I have been a fan of Chef Tonyboy Escalante, and his Tagaytay restaurants for more than fifteen years now. What made their restaurants more attractive to me was their attention to local sourcing and organic farming. They consistently carried over this philosophy across their restaurants. From his upscale fine dining haven, Antonio’s, to his former Filipino restaurant Antonio’s Grill, jazzed up to what is now Balay Dako. But the ¬†food outlet that I hold dearest is his all day breakfast place, Breakfast at Antonio’s. It is no secret that breakfast is my favorite meal of the day. As a public confession, I admit¬†going out on a whim and drive up to Tagaytay, drop by Breakfast at Antonio’s and drive back down to Manila. I’ve seen many changes in this restaurant.

From the interior.


To the menu.


So many choices, so many temptations!!

On that day, I chose the Mushrooms with Swiss Cheese Roesti. It was my best decision for the day!


It came with a serving of their freshly baked bread. And I took this down within seconds! That trip from Manila got me really hungry. But the best was yet to come..

Mushrooms with Swiss Cheese (PhP375 or USD7.15)

A Roesti is a Swiss potato pancake. Think hashbrowns but bigger! This version was smothered with various kinds of mushrooms, melted swiss cheese and two eggs cooked overeasy. I so enjoyed this!

I snapped a shot of the Taal Volcano, which is a must everytime you visit Tagaytay. Like you log in on a bundy clock.


This, though, was my favorite shot of the day.


I will see you again soon, Breakfast at Antonio’s. That Croque Madame is waiting for me!

Breakfast at Antonio's 
Tagaytay-Nasugbu Highway, Tagaytay City


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