Ribcrushin’ round the world


What is it with a full rack of ribs? That when you catch sight of it, your carnivorous instinct goes on overdrive. Your tummy growls with desire at the mere whiff of barbeque. The meat falls off-the-bone as you sink your teeth into it. Lipsmacking and fingerlicking will be tops on your to-do list. The girly girl in me takes a backseat for a meal like this. It ain’t exactly your top choice to order on a first date.

They can say all they want that ribs are for tough guys. I beg to disagree, in honor for my soft spot for ribs. Eating ribs feels to me like having a teenage crush. It will keep me up late nights thinking about it. And when I close my eyes? It feels like going round and round, the world.

In the heart of Amsterdam, I trek this sports bar’s narrow stairs. Not to drink. Not to watch football. But my singular goal is to eat all the spareribs that I can — without breaking the bank. I was there last in 2012, and the deal was worth 9,95 euros. You can enjoy the same offering, now at 11.95 at Satellite Sports Bar

As soon as you order, they serve you two full slabs right away. That comes with a serving of fries and salad. If you’re serious about loading up for a whole day tour of Amsterdam, you can make this your first stop.

I doubt though if you can make it through to another serving. But heck, spareribs sky is the limit here.  

Now that is what I call, a real Dutch treat! (pun intended).





In the outskirts of New York City, I discovered the world of John Brown and his amazing Smokehouse. NYC Go describes it as “a bit off the beaten path”. It put its name on the map, thanks to its Kansas-style burnt ends. 

But my ribseeking self walked up to the counter and ordered ribs. And pork belly. And burnt ends. And beef brisket. And cornbread, baked beans and collard greens. I was down for some serious business!


In my humble opinion, though, the star of the John Brown show is their pork belly. Oh and the cornbread. I’d say the burnt ends seemed like an afterthought. 

John Brown is a gem of a find. With its al fresco dining and live band playing, I wonder how a breezy summer night would play out. It would feel like stepping into a midsummer night’s carnivore’s dream.  

A Night of Music at John Brown

Closer to home, I am never immune to the pangs of good smoked ribs. Thankfully, I turn to this rebel smoker for my ribs craving.

This Ribsman has been around for a year now. He did take the R&D stage very seriously. Before introducing his ribs to the market, the Ribsman underwent numerous taste tests, trials, and errors. How do we know? Because we willingly volunteered to be his guinea pigs.

We’d like to believe we are instrumental to what is now RibsManila. Smoked low and slow is the name of his game. The goodness of a 5 hour smoke does not know any short cuts.


Ribs Manila is now a force to reckon with in the weekend market scene. With this photo, it’s hard not to be convinced why it is. You can catch his baby back ribs, spare ribs and his signature Manila Slab at the monthly Mandala Park Weekend Market at Shaw Boulevard in Mandaluyong City. Be there early as he sells out fast!

This could be your lucky weekend, as he is a featured purveyor at the Super Manly Eats event at The Podium in Mandaluyong City. You could catch him there for the next two weekends (June 18-19, 25-26, 2016). I’ll probably nudge you in line as I try to get my hands on ’em ribs!

Let the lip smackin’ and finger lickin’ begin!


Satellite Sports Bar

Leidseplein 11, 1017 PS Amsterdam, Netherlands



John Brown Smokehouse

10-43 44th Dr, Long Island City, NY 11101, United States

+1 347-617-1120


Ribs Manila




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