Rockin’ Rolls: Cannoli, Krone, Etc.

One of the best things about living in Japan was having Ginza Cozy Corner as your go-to place for desserts. You can find their branches in major train stations, and in just about every area where you will think of bring desserts home. What we usually call pasalubong in Filipino or in Nihongo, they call omiyage. I hope to still recall the very little Nihongo that I learned. 🙂


I took this photo of the Cozy Corner branch in Central Tokyo station many many many years ago. I wonder if it still looks the same. *supermajorthrowback*

Can you see all that CAKE? Looking through that window feels like dipping your hand in a giant huge cookie jar! I remember, as a home tutor, buying my students their birthday cakes from this very store. I miss it terribly, to this day.


From Downtown Tokyo, let me drag you to a stroll down the Ponte Vecchio in Florence, Italy. This was where I tasted my very very first cannoli. We had it in a place called Caffe Maioli. There it is, right beside that gooey cup of cioccolato! I was tired from walking around Florence for a day-trip. We had to cover as much ground as we could before we hop back on a train to Rome. After all that, which I estimate to exceed 10,000 steps, I needed a reward. And what a reward it was!

Do you see the pieces of pistachio and the glazed fruits that they mixed with the mascarpone filling? I close my eyes and can almost taste it. La dolce vita!

Now you ask, why do I bring all of these previous trips up?

Because they were in my head when I was first introduced to Kumori.


It is obviously a Japanese import which I have not tried before. It was when we dropped by the Landmark foodcourt in Makati that I saw its bright yellow lighting. I felt drawn to it, like a firefly to a flame..

My eyes were wide open looking at its vibrant display. But my sister ordered me a Krone, a light, crunchy puff pastry roll, with a sweet cream filling piped in. We took the next available seat to partake with this treat. Just because, all the best things in life should be enjoyed RIGHT AWAY! Don’t wait and hesitate!


Crunchy, creamy, sugary bites, and those tiny specks of vanilla bean lace your taste buds. You can’t and won’t stop until it’s gone. They absolutely rocked this roll.

Fifty pesos (P50=$1.07) well spent.


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