The Evolution of My New York Foodie List


My dear sister gave me this book for Christmas… I was so thrilled. We walked into National Bookstore at random, and I enthusiastically showed her this book. I showed it to her and told her that my goal is to one day eat at each and every restaurant featured on this book. I pointed to the featured restaurants that I got to try out in New York. One by one, I did.

Then she dragged me to the counter and said, I will buy this for you. Merry Christmas!!

Oh woooowww, I felt like a kid getting her favorite candy bar!

J’aime New York is a compilation by Alain Ducasse of the food stops that made a mark in his memory. It was a mix of upscale restaurants, and street food carts. I browsed through the pages, and hope I had documented all of my foodie finds in New York, as much as he did.

It was a huge book to lug around during your travels. But luckily, neatly tucked at the back cover is a booklet/directory you can slip into your purse.

Recently, a friend was travelling to the Big Apple and asked me for recommendations on where to eat. I promised her, as a birthday present, a list of my favorite places. I grabbed an empty notebook and started writing down, in longhand my recommendations. I almost filled it out! 🙂 Thanks to me, she loved Papaya King on the Upper East Side!


Inspired by Alain Ducasse, I did not stop there. I realized that I took photos in most of the food haunts that I listed on this notebook. So I looked for as much photos as I could find. The photos were spread out from the last three trips I made in New York. One in 1999, then in 2014 and 2015. I think I was able to gather around 100 photos.. I arranged them, and matched them with my short descriptions to every place I’ve been to. I was on my way to crafting a scrapbook for it.

Figuring out midway that scrapbooks are so last season, I sought the website called Blurb. Blurb allows you to lay out your very own photobook. You download the Bookwright software, map out your photos, append your short descriptions. Then, order your hard copy online!

The coolest thing about it is, they will feature your book on their online bookstore. You can start selling it too, paper copies or ebooks alike. Yay to self-publishing!

I had to have it shipped to my aunt’s address in the US. And after a long wait, I finally got it today!!

Presenting A Freaky Four Eyed Food Lover’s Guide to New York City!


This is what became of the Papaya portion…


Now I have a beautiful memoir of all my food trips in New York. Happy days 🙂


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