Choo-Choo-Churros at La Lola

During my lunchbreak at SM Megamall, I was reminded of a visit to Barcelona many years back. And enjoying at the Las Ramblas, a heap of churros and dipping it in dark gooey chocolate. Those were the good old days….


Lucky for us though, Manila has given us several choices to enjoy this same treat, anytime we feel like it. Dulcinea is a long time player in the churros department. Growing up, Dulcinea introduced me to the churro concept. Oh to dip these ribbed sticks of fried dough in dark chocolate. The chocolate coated it thick enough until it hugs those marked ribbings. It doesn’t matter if it was oily, fattening.. It tastes damn good!

Dulcinea was lonely in this market, for a long, long time. And then, there was La Lola.

As it first opened at the basement level of Powerplant Mall, it attracted huge crowds and loooong lines… At first, I thought. Whhyyy would you queue up for fried dough? Never mind the colorful branding, the amazing packaging and churro boxes. I was not drawn to it, up and until my sister told me to try the Nutella Xurro.

So today, I say hi to La Lola Churreria

The whole shebang of churros, plain, matcha, chocolate covered… Take your pick!


We all dread to be faced with the oil that comes with the churro. So it has to be freshly made and devoured straight from the fryer. Mind you, La Lola uses 100% olive oil on their fryers. So yayy for the health conscious… But hey, yes, convince yourself it isn’t sinful… But hey back, yeah stop complaining. This, or eat your carrot snack. Haha

We wait patiently till the buzzer sounds, with a smile…


I like the wall decals that make the churro experience delightful and larger than life!


And here is my very first Nutella Xurro..


Unlike the entry-level churro, this killer is cakey and doughey on the inside, with a tinge of crunchy on the outside. And it’s like squeezing a toothpaste tube, the Nutella oozes out!! OMGeee, I have to say this will jet Nutella lovers straight to hazelnut heaven!

I guess it is a bit too much for me. I was happy though to finally try it.  After 7 branches and still growing, at least I know why this city has gone gaga over La Vida Lola!


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