Jamie Oliver’s Comfort Food


Jamie Oliver needs no introduction. Superstar chef, restaurateur, cookbook author, food advocate. His face is plastered in every food channel out there.

When I first saw him on TV as he was starting out, I was very skeptical of him. I did not particularly like the way he cooks. His ways in the kitchen, I would say, is unconventional. To me, his style is chaotic, whirlwind-like, strike anywhere. My sister aptly put it, he is the typical man home chef.

My perception about Jamie changed when I became an avid viewer of his show, Jamie At Home.  It was my Saturday breakfast companion when I was a student in the Netherlands. I just loved the concept of him having a garden at his disposal. Harvest his produce then take it straight to the kitchen. How more farm to table can you get? I know it is unrealistic to translate that experience in real life, but we can all aim for stars.

As years went by, I became more and more fond of Jamie’s shows, like Jamie’s 30 and 15 minute meals. From there, he enticed me to move on to his cookbooks. My favorite is Jamie Oliver’s Comfort Food.


I don’t quite agree with it being the ultimate weekend cookbook. It is the right mix of quick fix recipes and those that need more time to prepare. That said, it could very well be the all-week go-to cookbook!

Scanning through the first few pages of the book, the Super Schnitzel caught my eye.



Who will say no to breaded, fried meat? With a siding of potato, apple and watercress salad? Not me!

I took a snap at the recipe, straight from the cookbook.


From this recipe, we went along cooking it, even without the gherkin and the blackcurrant jam. It tasted just as good. We went all out, serving it alongside a helping Shrimp and Tomato Spaghetti.

As Jamie would say, happy days…



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