A Toast to Kaya Toast

When I first saw Kaya Toast, I shook my head vehemently even to try it. My brother-in-law Brian was so fond of it. I could not even dare look. No rhyme nor reason could explain how such a combo would ever work.

First, kaya. For the life of me, I never was a fan of cocojam or pan de coco. So when I asked for a reference, what does it taste like? I got cocojam as an answer. Hmmm, no way Jose. This girl won’t even go there!

The list goes on, toast spread with this coco jam-like kaya. With it was a thick slice of butter or margarine. A kaya toast set comes with two soft boiled eggs (???), which you can flavor with light soy sauce and a sprinkling of white pepper. Chaos. Insanity. *shaking my head*

It was not until my first visit to Singapore that I had the courage to try it. Kaya toast places were almost at every corner, and hawker streets you can imagine. There must be something to it. So I try it, at Tea Loft at the basement of Ion Orchard.

So you crack the eggs open, and you see the gorgeous soft boiled yolks on display. Lace it with light soy, and dust with white pepper.. And then what?

Dip the kaya into the salty egg mixture. Then take a bite. Buttery, sweet, salty, decadent. A dizzying play of flavors, of textures. Then douse the craziness with hot, strong, coffee flavored with condensed milk. Too much happening. But heck, it does work…



This first try gave me the courage to try other places. But the King of Kaya Toasts for me is Ya Kun Kaya. They use brown bread. The eggs are soft boiled to perfection. The coffee has the right blend to go with the swirl of eggy goodness. I have this urge to come into every branch of Ya Kun Kaya I pass by. But never managed to snap a photo of my favorite Kaya Toast set.

Here is one such Kaya place called Coffee and Toast. I stopped by this nook,  while waiting for an early morning flight from Changi Airport back to Manila.



Sitting by my lonesome, it dawned on me. I realized that my fascination with Kaya Toast will forever remain a mystery. I could not unearth the words as to why I love it like I do.

When thoughts of Kaya Toast cloud my head, I run to the refuge of the nearest Toast Box to revisit one of my fondest snacks in Singapore.


It is not the same of course. But I have no complaints. At the very least, it makes me look forward to my next visit and my next dip of kaya toast into the thick egg soup. Until then , see you soon, my Kaya Toast. Cheers!


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