Love at First Adobo

I contemplated on a food blog for a long, long time. Lots of questions clouded my mind. Will I be able to sustain it? How do I go through a writer’s block? What am I going to write about? Will I be thinking aloud on my own, in the vast nothingness of cyberspace? Will my voice ever be heard?

The population of food bloggers in the wild wild world of the world wide web is quite dense. Who are worthy and who are not? This question makes me nervous. Am I worthy enough? Who is the ultimate judge? It comforts me to say that in the age of self-publishing, that judge is me! I guess there really is no known criteria. For as long as I write about what I love, there is no one out there to stop me!

The next big question in my head is: what will my first post be??

After a toss and turn on my desk, I decided. As a Filipina blogger, it is but right to launch my food writing career with an ode to the quintessential adobo.


Adobo is like an everlasting love.

At first sight, you’ll underestimate its ingredients. Soy sauce, vinegar, garlic, peppercorns, any meat you can imagine.

Cooking it could not be any simpler. Dump in a pot, boil, simmer, then serve.

How could this mess make sense? 

The longer it stores, the better it gets. 

It keeps you up at night, thinking of it as a midnight snack.

In the morning, you wake up and it’s the first thing on your mind.

When you’re down and troubled, it is the meal that will soothe your heart.

Repeat, rewind, repeat. 

It is a common refrain, right? This sounds exactly like the love your grandparents speak of.

And for me, it started when I first cooked it on my own. Nine years ago, in my tiny apartment kitchen, in a university campus in Holland. With chicken and pork, and my twist of German bratkartoffeln (Fried Potatoes).

The photo that you see here is my Love at First Adobo. With my adobo, #mayforever


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